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3 Easy Ways to be More Productive

Do you ever feel like at the end of the day, you could’ve accomplished more but somehow there’s not enough time in the day for you to check off everything on your to-do list?

Do you ever feel like at the end of the day, you could’ve accomplished more but you might’ve procrastinated a little too much?

In the next 5 minutes, I want to share with you­­ strategies I incorporate into my daily routine to maximize my work efficiency, freeing up to 2-4 hours a day to then do whatever I want.

Let’s dive straight into the first strategy that you must implement into your life.

1. Use a stopwatch or timer to keep your “focus-time” accountable

I personally like to bring a stopwatch wherever I go; to the gym, the café or even when I’m working at home. I use my stopwatch to implement my “40-5” working rule. I work for 40 minutes and take a 5 minutes break. (For more details about my “40-5” rule, check out my post on my Instagram feed: Instagram Page)

I find that focusing for 40 minutes is perfect as it won’t overload my brain but it’s sufficient enough for me to complete most of my tasks. 5 minutes is also perfect for a break, as it is enough for a bathroom break or to prepare a snack for the next 40 minutes grind.

Implement this hack into your daily work routine and you will find that it will increase your work efficiency by 80% to 100%. It is also a great way for you to test your focus span!

The stopwatch acts as your supervisor/reminder as it stares back at you when you wander off and reminds you to get back to work.

For those who are not a fan of lugging around a stopwatch, I recommend using the app “Forest”, a #Productivity app that helps you stay focused and away from your smartphone distractions. Not only does the app keeps you accountable, but also you are able to earn credits to plant real trees. Talk about a win-win situation! It is an easy way to give back to mother nature.

2. Reduce Your Screen-time

n average American teen spends up to 7 hours and 22 minutes on their phones on social media. My average screen time used to be something similar as well until I realized how much it hindered my productivity. Now, I limit my social media apps to 20 minutes a day, that way I can still be engaged in the social media world, without catching myself scrolling aimlessly for hours. (If you have an iPhone, head to settings to set a limit for your apps!)

It’s easier to change a habit when it is presented in front of you all the time. To keep yourself more accountable, create the “Screen-time” widget on your iPhone’s home-screen. It’s a nice reminder to help you get back on the grind.

3. Remove unimportant tasks

Learn how to delegate tasks to others. If there is someone who can do the task for you, let them do it.

The fastest way to remove the tasks on your To-do List is to not put unimportant tasks on there. If it means that you need to hire a freelance Virtual Assistant to help with your daily mundane routines, do it.

I recommend using platforms like UpWork, the world’s largest marketplace that connects millions of businesses with independent talents around the globe. I use UpWork to find coding experts and illustration designers for my website. It has such an easy system and you won’t have to bother with interviews/handling legal contracts.

However this trick only works if you take advantage of the time you gain by hiring a virtual assistant. If you are hiring someone to do your work, while you take a nap, this strategy is not for you. This trick is for those who are able to use the extra hour you gain to keep grinding.

Don’t get overwhelmed! Try implementing one strategy at a time. Expect astonishing results if you put in the work and are prepared to practice your discipline. Let me know in the comments below or in my Instagram DMS if you try out any of the strategies.

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