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Benefits of a Morning Routine

Blog Summary:

  1. The importance of a morning routine

  2. How does my morning routine affect me

  3. Use the free questionnaire to create your “own” morning routine

WHY bother having a morning routine?

  1. Calmer

  2. Happier

  3. Reduces stress

  4. Higher productivity

  5. Stronger confidence

  6. Develop persistence

This is a list of emotional and physical benefits for having a morning routine. One misconception of having a morning routine is that it doesn’t have to consist of working out, reading, or meditating. The “true” definition of a morning routine is a process of devoting personal time to yourself and doing anything it is that you desire. When I mean anything, it literally means anything.

Further into the blog will discuss each benefit in details.

How does it calm your mind?

I recommend developing a habit of meditating every morning to cleanse your mind. Meditation helps you to calm down, reflect, and develop gratitude. Start by meditating for 2 minutes, and you will come to realise how hard it is to sit still for 2 minutes. I recommend following a guided meditation from YouTube or Apple Podcast.

How can you drive happiness?

A morning routine grants you time to do things that you love. When you are doing something that you love, you are naturally happier! When you are more content in the morning, you go to work more content. When you are content at work, you perform better, and when you perform better, your chances for promotion is higher. Happiness contributes to your success, and you are more confident when you smile and laugh more.

How can following the routine contribute to your productivity?

Completing a morning routine sets a pace for the rest of your day. By waking up early than usual, you feel accomplished and that emotional feeling of being productive carries toward the rest of the day.

How does my morning routine look like?

My battle everyday begins right when the alarm sets off. Do I get up immediately or give in to my pillow? Winning the first battle of the day sets the tone for my rest of the day. “Winners keep winning.” A lot of friends I know wakes up around 8:00 or 8:30. For me by 8:30, I have already worked out, read, and meditated. That would be my morning routine before heading off to work.

My Weekday Morning Routine:

  1. Alarm at 6:00

  2. Meditate 6:15 to 6:25

  3. Workout from 6:45 to 8:00

  4. Read 8:10 to 8:30

First, I discover what my passion is, then I structure my morning routine to pursue my passion. For example, my passion is to play competitive volleyball and being able to workout in the morning grants me the time to train on my vertical jump. This is why working out in the morning is so important to me.

How can you create your morning routine?

Everyone’s morning routine is unique. To construct your morning routine, it should follow some restraints:

– The time of your morning routine should not be less than 15 minutes but also, not exceed 2 hours.

– Your morning routine should be realistic to implement into your lifestyle.

I have created questionnaire that you can use to figure out how your morning routine should be like. It is absolutely free and please access it here.

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