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How to Register a Futu Stock Account

s requested, here is a “HOW TO” guide to registering a FUTU stock account.

*The following guide is only relevant for Macanese investors who are currently situated in Macau, China. If you are from another country, Futu has a better guide for overseas investors here.

Setting up a stock account for Futu was easier than I thought, and it only took 5 working days for my account to be approved, including the mail processing time. (That is pretty quick if you were to ask me!)

First step: Download the Registration Form and fill out all the required information.

Second step: After filling out the registration form, Futu requires a third-party verification or validation. The purpose of validation is to ensure that the Registration Form is not forged.

You can verify this through various ways or through different parties. You can go to a lawyer, certain government departments, or a licensed accountant in Macau, so they can validate your signature.

For Non Macau citizens: After your preferred method of validating your signature on the registration form, skip to “Final Step”

For Macau citizens, you can go to the one of the following government buildings:

MACAUTAIPACentro de Serviços da RAEM 2nd Floor Address: 52-92, R. Nova da Areia Preta 政府綜合服務大樓 二(黑沙環新街52號政府綜合服務大樓) Islands Public Notary Office 3rd Floor Address: 3rd Floor, No. 225 Rua. de Coimbra 海島公證署 三(哥英布拉街225號濠珀離島政府綜合服務中心) Edificio Administracao Publica 3rd Floor Address: 162 R. do Campo 公共行政大樓 三(水坑尾街162號公共行政大樓)

Working Hours: Mon-Fri (9:00 to 18:00)

Third Step: Head to the inquiry counter and ask for a ticket for Legal Validation, commonly referred as (驗筆跡)

Fourth Step: Inform the government official that you are trying to register for a stock account in HK and you require to validate the Registration Form.

The official may ask you for your ID to verify your identity.

Please bring your ID and money as this will cost $10 MOP.

Final Step: Here are the 3 items that you will need to mail to Futu’s Hong Kong Office:

1. Photocopy of Your Macau ID or Macau Passport 2. Proof of address (Must be relevant for the past 3 months) 3. Registration Form (Download the Registration Form)

Proof of Address: This could be a utility bill (electricity bill, water bill), bank statement. The key thing to note is that the proof of letter must consist of your legal name, which should be consistent with your ID. Usually, bank statements are the easiest to retrieve as it has your name, and it can be easily printed via online banking.

These are the following post offices in Macau, and anyone of them will work.

General Post OfficeRua do CampoRed Market (Almirante Lacerda)Fai Chi KeiMong HaHac Sa Wan (Areia Preta)Cultural CentreTerminal (Suspension of service)Mail Exchange Centre – Service StationAirport (Suspension of service)Nova TaipaOcean GardensCarmo (The former Taipa Post Office)Taipa Terminal (Suspension of service)ColoaneSeac Pai VanUniversity of Macau (UM)

Working Hours subject to each post office individually.

To see which one is closest to you, visit here. Courier fee to HK is ~60MOP (Express).

Once you are at the post office, inform the employees there that you would want to send a letter to Hong Kong. You will have to fill in the following information on the package before it gets sent off.

Recipient Name: Account Opening Department Recipient Address: Unit C1-2, 13F, United Centre, No. 95 Queensway, Admiralty, HK Recipient Phone Number: +852-2523 3588

Congratulations! Your registration is complete! While you’re waiting for Futu’s account approval (4-8 business days), your job now is to learn how to use the Futu App!

For me it only took 5 working days before my account was validated but, I can’t guarantee if this would be the same for everyone.

When your account is validated, Futu notifies you via email and you will have to click into a link inside the email to activate your account. This is a procedure that Futu imposes to increase the security level, be sure to check your email after a few days!

I hope this post motivated you to register an account with Futu! If this guide helped you, please let me know and share it with your friends and family.

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact me @ or DM me (@leinvests_) on Instagram!

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