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Jump-start your Investing Journey with Me – Workshop with Leinvests

Nearly half of the Americans expect to not have enough money to retire comfortably. ”– Samantha Rose

One of the major reasons to this issue is the lack of free financial education resources available to small investors like myself.

Financial education is often interpreted as costly and complex, which is why most people tend to feel overwhelmed before embarking on their journey or will easily give up learning it.

Ideally, I would want the high school curriculum to incorporate financial education. Currently, the system only guide students on how to plan for their career to make money, but not how to save money.

Thus, through Leinvests’ Workshop, I hope to offer anyone the opportunity to learn how to make money work for them and not only to work for money.

One big misconception of attending a “finance-related” workshop is that you don’t have to be interested in stocks to benefit from being more financially literate.

Through my workshop, I start from scratch where I assume my listeners have 0 knowledge in the field of finance.

Why Attend the Workshop?

  1. lexible Time: I can cater to your work schedule if you’re a busy person.

  2. Open to worldwide: No-matter where you are on the world, you can still attend the workshop.

  3. Continual Reoccurrences: I am not setting any limit to the number of workshops I’m hosting. If you can’t attend, look forward to the next one!

  4. Catered to your interest: The workshop content can be catered to your area of interest in finance. If you want the workshop to focus more on stocks, you can request that.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who’s interested in being more financial literate.

Whether if you’re a complete beginner or a professional trader or a business owner, you will leave the workshop with more insights! I look forward to our fruitful conversations!

What will this workshop cover?

  1. I will go through the immediate practical steps to start investing

  2. Determining you purpose for investing

  3. Determining your risk tolerance

  4. The Correct Mindset for investing and personal growth

  5. Determine what asset classes are suitable for you

  6. FAQ about stocks/investing

  7. Q&A Session

  8. Constructing your portfolio structure on the spot

  9. How to conduct investment analysis (Fundamental/Technical Analysis, which one?)

  10. Investment Horizon

  11. Asset Classes

  12. Avoiding Broker Traps

  13. Sharing my experience on trading

Duration of the workshop:

Typically, the workshop duration is approximately 90 mins.

(Disclaimer: The workshop duration can increase or decrease depending on specific requests by the audience).

What are some key takeaways from my workshop?

After the workshop, you will have a clear understanding of why you’re investing and how you’re going to conduct investment analysis.

You will setup your first stock broker account, only if you’re interested. (Disclaimer: Only applicable to Macau/HK/Taiwan/USA/Canada. Also, Leinvests is not a broker and has no direct relationship with any brokers. Leinvests is truly independent).

You will be aware of broker traps, which can destroy your portfolio return.

You will understand why 90% of the mutual funds cannot outperform index funds. Also, you will understand why investing in index funds is a wise choice.

Biggest takeaway

The process of investing should not be mind-draining. You don’t need to monitor the market every day to make a profit.

“Why you’re investing is more important than what you’re investing in.” – Leinvests

How to book a workshop session?

If there’s anything that wish to learn more about the Workshop, feel free to email me @ or DM me @leinvests_

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