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SpaceX Just Launched Another Falcon-9 Rocket and Stuck The Landing!

et’s talk about current news!

Yet another successful launch and landing for Space X’s Falcon-9!

Let me quickly remind you the back story of the company SpaceX.

What is SpaceX?

SpaceX is an American private company that designs, manufactures, and launches innovative and advanced rockets and spacecraft. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla).

Did you know that SpaceX is a private corporation? This means they generate their funds internally, with angel investors and the company is not on the stock market.

How did SpaceX start?

SpaceX started back in 2008 when Elon Musk saw the potential of commercial space transportation. His ambition is to reduce space transportation costs and one day, carry life beyond Earth. They are trying to make it possible for us to transport to Mars! Elon Musk began to create spacecraft after realizing that building a rocket only costs 3% of a rocket’s sales price. Even after reducing the launch price by 1000%, he could still enjoy a 70% profit margin.

What is the “Falcon” rocket?

The “Falcon” is a rocket series that SpaceX created in 2010. It is a partially reusable rocket that uses RP-1 (similar to jet fuel) as propellants, which is four times cheaper than the standard rocket fuel.

Did you know that the cost of RP-1 is 10 times greater than jet fuel?

Recently, SpaceX has just launched another Falcon 9 rocket. Space X is the first in history to carry twice the payload of any existing rocket. This launch’s mission is to improve and provide high-speed broadband to billions of people who still do not have access to high-quality internet services.

ow? By deploying 60 Starlink Satellites around Earth’s orbit. Starlink Satellites will not only improve internet services on Earth, but it also intends to aid in discovering new habitable planets.

Can SpaceX’s performance affect Tesla Inc?

The short answer is no. SpaceX and Tesla Inc operate in two distinct markets and attract very different customer bases. (Reminder: Space X is a privately owned company thus is not on the stock market).

However, as both companies are managed by Elon Musk, how people view him can influence Tesla Inc’s stock price. One simple tweet from Elon Musk caused Signal Advance’s (biotech company) stock price to skyrocket by 332% in one day!

Currently, Elon Musk is being investigated for intentional market manipulation.

Is Elon Musk doing a good job managing SpaceX and Tesla?

Elon Musk is well-known for its strong leadership and work ethic when Tesla was at the verge of bankruptcy. He turned Tesla around into a multibillion-dollar company. With this success under his belt, investors have faith in SpaceX and believe that it will transform the world.

Fun fact: Did you know that it costs approximately $62 million USD to launch the Falcon-9 and $50 million to launch a reused one?

Below is the deploy replay of the Falcon-9, enjoy!

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